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Thema: Anyone else hate opening packs?

Antworten: 0
Aufrufe: 547

BeitragForum: Software Allgemein   Verfasst am: 05.05.2018, 08:17   Titel: Anyone else hate opening packs?

I've a bunch of packs stored from arena and tavern brawl which I loathe opening on my mobile device. Any chance we can get some sort of multi-open feature? Or at least a feature one where you d ...
Thema: Banning classes

Antworten: 0
Aufrufe: 153

BeitragForum: Software Allgemein   Verfasst am: 05.05.2018, 08:16   Titel: Banning classes

Please bring the option to ban 1-2 classes in ladder. I request this because clearly Blizzard is totally incapable of comprehending the balance shift consequences of the new cards it makes. And ...
Thema: Class copy rogues everywere

Antworten: 0
Aufrufe: 157

BeitragForum: Software Allgemein   Verfasst am: 05.05.2018, 08:16   Titel: Class copy rogues everywere

This annoying new Rogue. Whoever thought of that plz fire this guy, not only is it annoying to play against , its every two rounds, its Easy to win with because youll throw a Card for a Card, r ...
Thema: Well, kind of bored of ranked.

Antworten: 0
Aufrufe: 161

BeitragForum: Software Allgemein   Verfasst am: 05.05.2018, 08:15   Titel: Well, kind of bored of ranked.

Not meant as a "boo this is crap whine" or a "i lost please nurf". Just some good old fashioned venting and opinion topic. As such...I don't mind meta being this or that, bu ...

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