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Recently, I picked up a cheap, refurbished, LTE-enabled 2013 Nexus 7 to use as a carputer/GPS/whatever. Having had the WiFi version of that same tablet since launch, it's a familiar tablet to me. When I received it I got it updated to Marshmallow (it still had 4.3 on it), and the next day installed a SIM for LTE connectivity. LTE is just fine; exactly as I'd expect with Ting (on T-Mobile's network) around here. That's not a problem.The problem is the GPS reception. Where it takes my Nexus 5X a couple seconds (at most) to lock onto a GPS signal, it regularly takes this Nexus 7 in the 10s of seconds. Once it gets a signal, it loses it pretty regularly, even when there's good line-of-sight to most of the sky. When it does hold onto that signal for a while, it regularly shows my location as ~50 yards east of where I actually am.Can anyone recommend a way to diagnose and/or fix the GPS issue? There's a park with an open field down the block from home. I think I'll take all of my Nexuses* down there and compare GPS accuracy all at the same time.

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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