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Ann Roughead lives in a small brick house in Leongatha and has flute cheap patriots jerseys music playing as I enter her home. She has a bright, lively manner and a smile like a porch light that never goes off. We get on from the start or maybe she gets on like this with everyone and we're soon telling one another stories.

Her father was in the charge of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba in 1917, a feat of bravery that inspired two movies. Speaking of bravery, it was notable that in the vital opening exchanges of the Bulldogs' preliminary final against Greater Western Sydney, Ann's grandson cheap michael kors handbags Jordan Roughead was not intimidated by the most terrifying player in the AFL, GWS ruckman Shane "Big Mummy" Mumford. When I put this to Ann, she agrees. "He didn't flinch. He did it well".

Jordan and his cousin, Hawthorn's Jarryd Roughead, have now won five AFL premiership medals between them. The cousins had a wrestle the first time they met in an AFL match. Afterwards, Jarryd texted Jordan, "I don't think our Nan would have liked us dancing on the sidelines." Jordan, when asked about the incident by the press, said, "I forgot to give him an Easter egg this year".

She had seven children and was the strong one in their upbringing not much money, husband unwell, working four days a week at the local tech as a teacher and a librarian, driving the kids each weekend to every one of their sporting engagements. Paul Roughead says of his mother, cheap nfl jerseys wholesale "She was Superwoman". They lived in a small farmhouse. She was good with animals; a kangaroo she raised kept coming back to see her.

Each weekend, she drove her seven kids wherever they had to go in an old Holden station wagon, "a couple in the back". She accommodated all their sports cheap cowboys jerseys cricket, golf, netball, shot putt driving as far as Footscray to enable her sons to play football. Paul Roughead Jordan's father says that, without Ann, he and his brothers wouldn't have been able to play football, and their sons might not have inherited the passion to play in the AFL.

Ann watched the 2016 AFL grand final with Maggie Wallis, grandmother of injured Bulldog Mitch Wallis. Maggie lives next door. They had party pies and sausage rolls at half time and a glass of champagne when the Bulldogs won.
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